Scratching has long been known as a form of electronic percussion. Its roots are in rhythm and over the past 20 years it has evolved into its own artform, taking traditional drumming knowledge and mixing it with new techniques and sounds made possible by what we have come to know as the turntable.

Flare is the first professional scratch tool designed for the iPhone with these guiding principles in mind. Whether you're a bedroom banger, or a DJ behind the booth at a club, Flare stands out as the portable industry standard.

Keeping in line with the simple, sturdy design of leading turntables, Flare has a familiar and simple interface that insures rock solid stability under any conditions. With the transformer switch, start/stop button, level fader and loop selector, even the most intricate and syncopated cuts are within reach. In addition to the 3 battle records and 5 beat loops that Flare ships with, you can upload your own files via Wi-Fi (mp3, wav, ima4, m4a) for endless scratching possibilities.

Embrace the next wave of turntablism.

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